Maverick Words Content Strategy

Want to start blogging but unsure where to begin?


No problem. I can help you with that too.


We’ll work together to:


–  Identify who your ideal customers are


–  Develop the right tone of voice 


– Come up with compelling and relevant article ideas


In short, I’ll help you create a roadmap that’ll take your content marketing where you want it to be.


How it works:


  • We’ll kick things off with a Skype chat.  We’ll discuss your business, who your ideal clients are and your marketing goals. I’ll also send over a discovery sheet to gather more information (it’s not long, promise!)


  • Based on the information you give me, I’ll go off and do some keyword and topic research.


  • I’ll come up with a list of potential topics for your approval.


  • Once you sign off, I’ll flesh out the topics you choose into working blog article titles. I’ll also create a brief outline for each setting out the angle and the main points to be covered in each post.


  • You can write the posts yourself. Or, even better, why not hire me to write them for you (and head off to the pub for the rest of the day)?


Let’s talk money:


Packages start at £945. This gets you:


  • A list of relevant keywords


  • A list of topics


  • Working titles and outlines for 15 blog posts (that’s approximately 3 months’ worth of posts based on a once-a-week posting schedule).


I’ll need 50% of my fee upfront. The other 50% is due on delivery with 14-day payment terms.


Need help with your content strategy? Let’s chat!