5 Types of Blog Post That Get Results

blog post ideas

You’ve worked hard on generating great ideas for your blog. You’ve researched them thoroughly and fleshed out the main points in clear, simple language. You’ve even put together a nifty infographic that illustrates everything visually.

And yet, you’re just not getting the traffic, likes and shares you were hoping for.

What the hell’s wrong?

Why aren’t your blog posts getting results?

Well, that’s the thing.

Solid ideas are only part of the puzzle.

You must also deliver your message in a way that’s easily understood and digested by your readers. Some types of blog post are more effective than others at doing this, so they get better results.

Here are five types of blog post that are guaranteed to do wonders for your website traffic.


How To Use Buyer Personas To Create Valuable Content

content strategy buyer persona

If you want to create engagement on your business blog, writing great content is only half the battle.

Customers are bombarded with marketing messages all the time. Unless what you have to say is useful, or at least relatable, it’s easy to tune you out. You need to ask yourself what matters to your target readers and what their needs are.

But before you can do that, you need to know who they are.

That’s where buyer personas come in.