Let’s cut to the chase.


There are probably thousands of copywriters out there (not that I’m counting… numbers aren’t my thing).


So what sets me apart? What is it about me that should make me your first choice if you’re thinking of hiring a copywriter to help your fintech business?


I’ll give you five reasons:


1. Number One Ranking on Google


Going straight for the jugular. Right off the bat.

What’s the top search result if you google ‘fintech copywriter’ in the UK?

That’s right. It’s this website.


fintech copywriter


I’d say that’s rather promising, isn’t it?

But that’s not all:


2. Google Featured Snippet Box


At the time of this writing, this article I wrote for one of my clients is in Google’s featured snippet box. And it’s the number one search result for that query.



Now, I can’t guarantee you’ll get a featured snippet on Google too. Nor can I guarantee a number one search ranking. But with consistent effort and dedication I can definitely help you improve. Which means the right people will have a better chance of finding you and buying your stuff.


3. I live and breathe fintech


Advanced degrees in finance? Check.

Ditto 10+ years of industry experience. And that includes a five-year stint in financial regulation.

In other words, I get it.

Whether you want to educate your customers about the basics of getting a mortgage, discuss ways B2B clients could leverage your business to drive cross-border e-commerce growth or something else entirely, you don’t have to worry that I won’t get the nuances or understand the compliance implications. I’ll deliver top-notch copy that’s clear, relevant and actionable.

Copy that works hard to help you achieve your marketing goals.


4. I’m invested in your success


I want your business to succeed. Because your success is my success.

That’s not a meaningless platitude. I truly believe it 100%.

Think about it.

When you hire me as your fintech copywriter, you’re investing money in order to grow your business and increase your revenue. If my work helps you achieve your goals, it means your investment was worthwhile. Which means you’ll be likelier to work with me again and recommend me to others.


5. I’m great to work with


I’m friendly (promise!). Deadlines are my religion. And I love what I do. Which means I take pride in delivering work to the highest standard I possibly can. Every time.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some of my awesome clients have to say:


“André has become a valuable and trusted freelancer for the content team at my company. He’s written a large amount content for our website, all delivered on time and to a high standard. He’s head and shoulders above other writers we’ve worked with. I can’t recommend working with him highly enough.”

– Hannah Patnick, ClearScore


“We ran a report which showed that our search metrics have increased enormously. UK visibility has increased more than eightfold and outstripped our nearest competitor by a factor of ten, having started well behind them. I would just like to thank you for your contribution to this as you are writing the content which is driving the traffic.”

– Marin Perez, MileIQ


“Working with André is an absolute pleasure. He always provides top notch content in a timely fashion. He is also very open to any edits or changes thrown his way. I highly recommend having André be your writer, he will not disappoint.”

– Lilah Olsher, Natural Intelligence


The Man Behind Maverick Words


“So who’s this geezer?” you may be asking at this point.

Born and raised on the island of Malta and trained as a financial services lawyer, I soon realised I preferred the writing to the lawyering.

So, in 2015, I finally said “Fuck it.” I hung up my tie, ditched the razor and moved to London to follow my dreams. And I haven’t looked back since.



Sounds good? Let’s talk!