How I handle your data

Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) require me to:

  • disclose what data I collect about you

  • explain to you how I use that information

  • hand it over to you in a format you can read or delete it altogether if you ask me to

You know what GDPR doesn’t require me to do, though?

Bore you to tears.

So here’s my pledge to you.

I won’t hit you upside the head with a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo. Nor will I use this page as an excuse to spout authoritative-sounding but ultimately meaningless drivel.

Instead, I’ll try to keep things as simple, straightforward, and (mercifully) brief as I can.

What personal information do I collect? 

I collect only two pieces of personal information on this website:

  • Your name

  • Your email address

I collect this information through the sexy form on my contact page, and I’ll only ever use it to get back to you if you get in touch.

I’ll never share, trade, sell, or otherwise disclose this information to others. For one, I’m not an asshole. But, more importantly, I’d really love to stay in business. I’m not going to risk that by playing fast and loose with your personal data.

Of course, you’re free not to believe me. If you’re not comfortable with me having your name and email address, email me on and I’ll delete everything immediately, no questions asked.

The deal with cookies

Cookies are strings of information stored as text files on your laptop or mobile device. Most websites use them to remember your personal preferences, for example your language settings.

My website was built by the lovely chaps at Scruples, who are very passionate about privacy. So it's privacy-focused by design. 

I don't use cookies anywhere, which is why I don't have one of those insufferable Accept Cookies boxes.

I also use a privacy-focused analytics provider called Fathom Analytics, which collects data on how people use my website without setting any cookies on your device, collecting personally-identifying information, or tracking you. 

Of course, you can still disable cookies by changing the settings on your web browser. You'll be happy to hear that, since I don't use cookies, doing this won't change your experience on my site in any way (isn't that refreshing?).  

Here’s how to disable cookies on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge (does anyone even use that?)

How do I process data?

Any message you send me through my website is processed through MailJet.

MailJet are based in the EU, so they have to comply with GDPR. They're also ISO 27001 certified, which means they meet the highest information security standards in the world. 

My hosting providers are Hetzner. They're based in Germany, which has some of the strictest privacy laws in the EU. 

I may also store your name and email address in a spreadsheet on Google Drive (I'll ask your permission first). 

Google are based in the US. However, they’re registered with Privacy Shield, which means they’re GDPR-compliant too.

I don’t currently have a newsletter, online shop, or other mailing list, so I don’t store, process, or manage any personal data in any other way or anywhere else. 

Should that change, I’ll ask for your permission before I add you to any list. I’ll also update this privacy policy to let you know what information I’ll be collecting, how I’ll use it, and how I’ll keep it safe.

Want to know more?

I hope I’ve set your mind at rest. But if you have any questions or concerns, email me on